Oshiorenoya Agabi: The Nigerian Scientist Who Is Building A Computer Made Of ‘Human Brains’

Last month, Google’s AI department, DeepMind, revealed that its computer system had actually getting rid of Europe’s Go champion in 5 straight online games. Go, a method video game played in a 19 × 19 grid, is greatly harder for a computer system to master compared to chess.

There are 20 possible moves to select from at the beginning of a chess video game rivaled 361 moves Go. The news was lauded as another landmark in the advancement of expert system.

Google, Facebook, as well as IBM have all gone all-in on brain-like computer systems imitate the mind of a human. The capability to find out as well as identify patterns is deemed crucial following an action in the advancement of AI. However, Oshiorenoya Agabi thinks the brain-like processors are missing out on one vital element: real human brains.

A komiku compressor | How Africa News
A Komiku chip.

Or, at the least, living neurons. His start-up, Koniku, which completed a job at the biotech accelerator IndieBio, boasts itself as “the first and only company in the world building chips with biological neuron.” Instead of just resemble human brain feature with chips.  Agabi intends to turn the manuscript as well as obtain the real product of human minds to produce the chips. He’s incorporating lab-grown neurons into computer chips making them a lot more effective compared to their basic silicon forebears.


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