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Meet Obodje Kouame, the Young Ivorian Artist Revealing the World of Divinity Through Art

Abidjan sees emerge a young artist united to perfection, divinity and art. Returned to the capital after having taken refuge in his maternal village, Ahoué, attié village, during the post-election crises of 2011, Obodje Kouamé fully assumes his duty of “messenger” of the deities through his art.

The artist embarks on a visual transcript of his initiatory learning, without any professional advice or look, in the form of raw painting and automatic writing with reference to the divination tables he saw in the sand, but also because on the contrary of orality, this material medium seems to him inalienable, teaches us buzzyafrica.


Obodje is completely guided by these messengers; he produced his last series with a more personal expression, even more so in the so-called art brut in the words of Jean Dubuffet: “the authors draw everything (…) from their own background and not from the clichés of the classic art or fashionable art. We are witnessing the pure, raw artistic operation from only its own impulses “.

The young visual artist intends to share the profound humanistic and universal values ​​of this world of divinity.

The works of the artist have already been exposed several times, another exhibition is planned from February 9 to March 03 at Studio Jean-Servais Somian in Grand Bassam Imperial, reports our source.


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