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Meet Nnete Okorie-Egbe, The Leader of the Aba Women’s Riot of 1929


Nnete Okorie-Egbe of Akwete was a Princess and revolutionary leader from Akwete.

Nnete was the fearless leader of the 1929 women’s riot of Aba, protesting unfair taxation of women.

She was imprisoned by the British Colonial Administration for two years in Port Harcourt.

Later released to a hero’s welcome as the British Colonial Administration backed down and reversed itself, by abolishing the taxation on women.


At the time, she was able to lead the revolution which also had women from other old Eastern Nigerian ethnic groups like Opobo, Ibibio, Andoni, Ogoni & Bonny. It was a strategically executed anti-colonial revolt over economic, social & political injustice against women who also weren’t allowed to have leadership positions.

Indeed, she and her fellow amazonian women of that era were the ‘pioneers’ of true and sensible feminism in the Nigerian clime.

She Died at age 102 in 1968 during the Nigerian/Biafra Civil War.


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