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Meet The Nigerian Beauty Queen Who Was Voted Most Beautiful Woman in Africa

Adaeze Obasi, top model and Miss Supranational 2016 has been voted the sexiest woman in Africa by reputable beauty organization, Global Beauty, who recently released their 2016/2017 list across the 7 continents. Adaeze was picked for Africa.

Picking the 7 sexiest women Alive across the 7 continents was based on the women’s natural sex appeal, intelligence, amazing looks and superb elegance, according to GB. Adaeze is definitely stunning but do you think she deserves the title? See more pics of her after the cut before you decide


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  1. This woman looks as though she bleaches and she certainly doesn’t represent the majority of the women in Africa by any stretch of the imagination. She almost looks white. When are we going to stop championing this type of behaviour and call it what it is? Self-hate. It is an insult to Africans that she won the title.

    • This reminds me of an article by the BBC titled, ‘Africa, the place where black isn’t beautiful’. It’s so sad. The ‘Africa Rising’ narrative doesn’t work without pride.

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