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Meet Nanny, One Of African Women Who Fought For Freedom In Jamaica!!

Here is Nanny, popularly called Queen of the Maroons (1685 – 1755).

A Jamaican national hero who was ostracized from the then Ashanti Kingdom and ended up on the plantation of Jamaica.

She’s well known because of her resistance to slavery in the 18th Century.



She was sentenced to forced labour with her four brothers and she escaped with them from the plantation into the mountains and in the process, she carried along some men and women and they formed an autonomous and free community known as the Maroons where she was the chief and priestess.


With her confidence in Onyankopong as she terms it and the relief of the mountains, she formed an army that led raids in the plantation in order to free slaves.

They camouflaged themselves with tree branches and leaves to be invisible and were communicating with the help of Aben (horns) as they termed it and that’s how they succeeded in freeing over 1000 slaves and spread terror among the slave masters.

She was recognized as a national hero of Jamaica in 1977 due to her heroic resistance. Her face is even on the 500 dollar note of the Jamaicans.

Stonebwoy paid homage when he visited Jamaica by going to her museum to take a picture.



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