Meet Nana Obokese, The Founder of Ghana’s Newest University For Leadership and Technology

Chief Nana Obokese Ampah, founder and CEO of a Year of Return Legacy Project and The Asebu Pan African Village Project, announces the launch of a new institution in Ghana called the Obokese University of Excellence.

Obokese University, launching in September 2020, will operate at the intersection of ecommerce and will stress Leadership and Education, Engaging Culture, History, Technology, and Tourism. It will initially be an online digital platform with master classes, touring and event experiences, and remote learning. Then as it grows, it will progress into limited classes.

The University will include, among others, the following platforms:


1. An Afrocentric focused entrepreneurial, educational, cultural and historical institution.

2. Leadership Master classes and certifications including; business, political science, African history, business/entrepreneurship etc.

3. An eCommerce offering branding solutions and a rich array of digital display advertising solutions, strategic marketing, and promotions with the goal of having global buyers discover anything they want to buy – Made in Africa, created in Africa.

4. One of the beneficiaries of the future Motherland Trust initiative that offers a revenue generation tool that is sustainable and financesObokese University and local infrastructure.

5. A strategic partner with the AAGMA (Africa America Global Media Association) for media outreach, branding, and publicity.

Programming will include event experiences like: Guided Tour of Moree, Tour of Asebu Pan African Village, Visit site of Obokese University at Asebu Mframandwe, Visit site of Asebu-Cleveland Juice Factory, Arts and Cultural Introductions and Orientations, Ghanaian Drum/Dance Presentations, Workshops, Lessons and other cultural experiences, including Asebu Bamboo Orchestra, at Asebu Ebu, Cultural Festivals, Protocols, Rituals, Ceremonies and Spiritual Beliefs and Practices.

Abangye – Moree second week August. Apayamkese – The Festival of the Asebu People Third week November. All of the Asebu towns and villages.


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