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Meet Nady Bamba, the Second Wife of Laurent Gbagbo Who Allegedly Welcomes Him in Belgium

Laurent Gbagbo, 73, was released a few days ago by the ICC under conditions, including the obligation to reside in a member state pending a possible appeal trial.

ICC judges in The Hague have ordered the conditional release of former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo and his ally Charles Blé Goudé, former leader of the Young Patriots. Laurent Gbagbo, released conditionally by the ICC, will not return to Côte d’Ivoire.

Upon the decision of the ICC, he is obliged to reside in a Member State pending a possible appeal hearing.

Belgium did not oppose a family reunion of Laurent Gbagbo with Nady Bamba, his second wife, and their son David. On February 2, Belgium announced that it had agreed to host Laurent Gbagbo.

Qui est Nady Bamba, la seconde épouse de Laurent Gbagbo qui l'accueille en Belgique?

Who is Nady Bamba, Laurent Gbagbo’s second wife?

Laurent Gbagbo met Nady Bamba in 1990 during a stay in France, just one year after the civil marriage with Simone Ehivet. It was in 2001, a year after his election as head of the supreme magistracy, that he formalized, in the pure Muslim tradition, his relationship with Nady Bamba. From this union, a child was born.


Nady Bamba is a former journalist. She was a correspondent for Radio Africa No. 1 and founded the communication group Cyclone. She is about forty years old. Practicing Muslim, the second wife is needed, and becomes the chief of communication of her husband president. She left Ivory Coast after the fall of President Gbagbo, in 2010 for exile in Accra (Ghana), avoiding contact with the pundits of the old regime.

The Court of Justice of the European Union freezes its assets and the ban on traveling to Europe. Reason: it obstructs the peace and reconciliation process through public incitement to hatred and violence and by participating in disinformation campaigns “. Sanctions that will then be lifted by the European Court of Justice. But Nady Bamba remains in the crosshairs of Ivorian justice.

Nady Bamba lives in Brussels with her son, David Al Raïs Gbagbo. It was from the Belgian capital that she regularly visited her husband at Schevenigen prison near The Hague.

Qui est Nady Bamba, la seconde épouse de Laurent Gbagbo qui l'accueille en Belgique?

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