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Meet Mohammed Humza: The Fraudster Who Stole Saudi Prince’s Rolls-Royce, Guess How Much He Sold It?? (With Photos)

A fraudster who stole a Saudi prince’s luxury car worth £97k and sold it on to a car dealer has been jailed. Mohammed Humza stole Sheikh Mohammed Alibrahim’s Rolls-Royce in Mayfair, London, then sold it to Shaks Specialist Cars in Huddersfield for about a third of the price.

The 25-year-old, from Hertfordshire, scammed the DVLA by filling out their V62 form claiming he was the new owner, the Huddersfield Examiner reports.

In April 2015 Humza sold the car to Shaks Specialist Cars for a £27,500 bank transfer and a part exchange for a BMW 5 Series and a White Mercedes-Benz A Class.

Humza, who had also stolen other expensive cars, pleaded guilty to one count of theft and five counts of fraud by false representation.

Sentencing Humza to four years and two months’ imprisonment, Judge Martin Griffiths said: “You have been involved in what to my view is a professional and highly selective car theft business.

“It must surely be something in the way of a salutary lesson to the DVLA.
“It shouldn’t really allow people to get new V5s on the strength of ‘I get can’t get hold of the registered keeper’.”

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