Meet Mobou Loiseau 8-Year-Old Girl Who Could Speak 8 Languages and Play 8 Instruments

At just eight years old, Mobou Loiseau was the epitome of child prodigy.

The schoolgirl, now 10, from New York, could fluently read, write and speak French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Haitian Creole, Japanese, and she even mastered sign language.

She could also plays the piano, violin, guitar, harp, clarinet, conga, drums and the flute, many of which she leaned at DoReMi School of Music Arts &a Languages.

Additionally, her parents spent $1,500 a week on tutors and lessons – and she spent seven hours a day in some type of instruction, with Sundays off.

Mabou reached national spotlight after she was featured on the Katie Couric show.

When asked where she got her talent from, the 8-year-old said, “I was born smart, duh!”

Quizzed about her grasp of languages, she told the NY Daily News: “Russian is my most favorite. I just hear something, and if I don’t understand I say, ‘What does that mean?’ and they’ll tell me,” said Mabou, whose house is plastered with flashcards in different languages.


In an interview, Mabou’s mother, Esther Loiseau, stated: “My husband spoke Haitian Creole fluently so he only spoke to Mabou in Haitian Creole. My sister, who lived with us for some time, spoke Spanish fluently, so she only spoke to Mabou in Spanish. I spoke French fluently, so I spoke to her only in French”

But when her daughter was only a year-and-a-half, she began repeating French words that had yet to be taught to her.

Astounding enough, she knew the meaning of those words as well and this inspired Esther to further cultivate and invest in her daughter’s gift.

“I want to be a firefighter, and I want to be a doctor, and I want to be a dancer, and I want to be a princess,” Mabou said. “And I want to be an actor, and I want to be a musician, and I want to be a singer, and I want to be a veterinarian, and I want to be a mum.”


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