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Meet Michio Kaku; The Man Who Claimed To Have Found The Final Proof Of The Existence Of God!!

One of today’s most respected scientists says he has found evidence of the action of a force that “governs everything.”

The physicist Michio Kaku claims to have developed a theory that could point to the existence of God. Information has created a great stir in the scientific community because Kaku is considered one of the most important scientists of our time, one of the creators and developers of the revolutionary string theory that is highly respected in the world whole. To come to his conclusions, the physicist made use of what he called “semi-primitive – ray tachyons”.


Tachyons are theoretical particles capable of “taking off” the question of the Universe or the empty space between the particles of matter, leaving everything without the influences of the universe that surrounds it. After completing the tests, Kaku came to the conclusion that we live in a “Matrix”.

“I conclude that we are in a world made by rules created by intelligence,” he said. “Believe me, everything we call luck today can no longer make sense.” “For me, it is clear that we exist in a plan that is governed by rules that have been created, formed by a Intelligence and not by chance. “


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