Meet Man Who Has 28 Fingers And Toes

The Guinness Book of Records is filled with many strange things. Many are the result of some amazing accomplishments, while others shine a light on the strangeness of being human. One of such record is held by Devendra Suthar, a 43-year-old man from Gujarat State in India.

Shocking!! Meet Man Who Has 28 Fingers And Toes

He must be able to type at great speed, seeing that he has seven fingers on each hand! Devendra also has seven toes on each foot, although two of his toes are joined.
With 28 digits in total, it is no wonder he holds the record for polydactylism, or having too many toes and fingers. Devendra is a carpenter and says he has to be careful to keep all his fingers out of harm’s way!
He believes the extra digits to be lucky as they have made him famous.

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