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Meet Mahershala Ali, Academy Awards 2017 Winner

Our sincere congratulations go to Academy Awards 2017 Winner – Mahershala Ali!

We are proud to announce that  Mahershala Ali has won the best supporting actor Academy Awards 2017. Ali got an Oscar nomination for his role in Moonlight, the acclaimed study of a black gay man’s coming of age.

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The list of Ali’s competitors was quite impressive and included  Patel, Jeff Bridges for Hell or High Water and Michael Shannon for Nocturnal Animals.




Moreover, Mahershla Ali is not just Black, he’s a Black Muslim, so as a winner he may be now considered an ambassador of not only racial but also religious diversity.

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The Internet burst out with cheer and praise. Is this, at last, the end of #Oscarsowhite?! We wish it was, though you never can tell.


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