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Meet Little Zara, Genius kid who knows countries’ presidents

Her name is Zara and she is a very smart little one. In the video, she introduces herself and parents before proceeding to name heads of state including most African presidents without hesitation. She puts many grown Africans to shame



Africa is a Country recently posted a video of little Zara who either has an unusually efficient memory or takes a keen interest in global current affairs.

She looks little more than four years old but in the almost 3 minute-long video, she correctly names the presidents of over 20 African countries (save for some toddler-ish pronounciation) and the heads of state of several other countries including Russia, Colombia, USA and Portugal.

I am slightly ashamed to admit that I myself didn’t know every single one of those world presidents but I’m willing to believe that most grown Africans won’t know as many African presidents as she does.

The video, unfortunately, doesn’t specify where she’s from or how old she is.


Check it out!

Zara for president!

She’s well ahead of the New York Times, who recently abolished Liberia in favour of a second Ivory Coast.


Like the New York Times, CNN could certainly benefit from having someone like Zara on staff — she’d never have let this kind of thing past on her watch.



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