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Meet La Ostergren; the Model Who Has Become an Online Sensation Due to Her 40-inches Leg

A Swedish bodybuilder and model has won 150,000 followers on Instagram thanks to her extraordinarily long legs. Mother-of-two Ia Ostergren’s pins measure in at a staggering 40 inches – but her finest assets were once viewed as a millstone around her neck, she says.

The sporty blonde with belief-defying proportions says she was mercilessly teased about her tall frame at school and ended up being depressed.

A self-styled ugly ducking, Ostergren was mocked about her gangly physique as a teenager and it was only when she decided to take up sports in 2013 that she learned to love her remarkable body.

Her frame is particularly admired in Russia and Ostergren even uses Russian language in her posts to keep her fans there happy.


Married to Swedish bodybuilder Torbjorn Ostergren, Ia says that she works out regularly to keep her physique trim and consumes 2.2kg of meat a week to maintain her muscle.

The couple have two young daughters and social media to thank for their union; they first met after exchanging messages on Instagram.


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