Meet Kenya’s Youngest Billionaire Who Is Below 10 Years Of Age

Some people are born with a golden spoon, others with royal voices and some will touch something and it will literally turn to be gold.

If you are a son of a billionaire chances are that you will be rich at some point. This son of Karume is expected to inherit his father’s wealth when he attains the age of 18.

The late Karume was one of the richest Kenyans who died of cancer and owns estates in Nairobi, hotels in Mombasa and commercial building in the city Centre.

The billionaire is said to have started his business selling charcoal and rose to become one of Kibaki’s closest friends and a cabinet minister in his government.

His son Emmanuel is now a millionaire thanks to his father’s investments which spread all over the country.

In his final will and testament, Karume named his 4 year old son Emmanuel Karume Njenga the biggest beneficiary of his wealth. The young boy will inherit:

  • His father’s shares in Kiambu General Transport Agency Ltd.
  • all shares in Majoreni Agencies Limited
  • all shares in Ngorongo Tea Factory Limited
  • 25 per cent shares in Heri Limited
  • 12.5 per cent shares in Kenya Wine Agencies Limited

He is also to inherit shares in each of the following companies:

  • Jacaranda Hotel Limited
  • Kabete Distributors Limited
  • Karume Investments Limited
  • Cianda Estates Limited
  • Forest Road Flats Limited.

The young Emmanuel joins the same league as the likes of Jimnah Mbaru, Chris Kirubi, Raila Odinga and James Mwangi. Of course he still has many years before he can actually touch that money.

Watch the video below

Source: WAZA


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