Meet Katy Harris 45-Year-Old Woman Who Spends £3,540 On Christmas Presents For Her Dogs

Dog lover Katy Harris splashes out hundreds of pounds every month on her three Boston terriers and December is even more extravagant than usual.

According to, the dogs Beau, Sooty and Noodle are being treated with special doggy advent calendars, hand-made stockings and Christmassy collars and cashmere jumpers.

The dogs will be spoiled with hundreds of pounds’ worth of festive treats and presents on the big day, before tucking into a lavish three-course Christmas dinner.

Mrs Harris, 45, has even spent more on the pups than she has on hubby Mark, 60 – but she said by now he is used to being left in the doghouse as she focuses her attention on her beloved pooches.

Mrs Harris, from Middlewich, Cheshire, said:

“I love to spoil them all year round, and even more so at Christmas – they deserve it! I buy a lot of things for them throughout the year – I’m always thinking about what they might like.

“You often don’t realise how much you’ve bought over the year, and it does quickly add up. I can easily pop out to the shops to get them one thing, and come out having spent more than £1,000.

“I often have to hide receipts from Mark, or I just don’t tell him – if he knew how much I’d spent he’d have a heart attack. I’ve definitely spent more on the dogs than I have on Mark this Christmas.

“He’s quite happy for me to spoil them though, he’ll roll his eyes at some of the things I get them but he loves them as much as I do – and he’s used to me going over-the-top with them by now.

“We don’t have children, so the dogs are like our babies.”

The trio of adorable Boston terriers even have their own miniature Christmas tree, as well as special decorations scattered around the house. Here is their mother Mrs Harris’s dog Christmas list:

1. Two collars each from Holly and Lil – jingle bell and diamante – £720
2. Cashmere jumpers from Italy – £450
3. Other clothing – handmade Christmas scarves, snoods, red quilted jackets – £300
4. Hand-knitted Christmas jumpers – £30
5. Advent calendars – £30
6. Specially-made personalised stockings – £45
7. Presents – dog toys/blankets/chews etc – £1,125 (around 15 each between £10 and £20 each)
8. Treats – £120
9. Christmas dinner (special dog food plus traditional chicken dinner) – £50
10. Christmas themed photo shoot – £195
11. plus £100 each for four printed pictures Christmas grooming – £75
TOTAL: £3,540
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