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Meet Juan Carlos, The King With 5,000 Mistresses – “5,000 of the “most beautiful women in Spain have allegedly passed through the bed of King Juan Carlos”

A new book titled “Juan Carlos, the King with 5,000 mistresses”, which will be released next September, reveals that the former King of Spain is an “addict to the sxex” and has slept with thousands of women even after Married Princess Sophia of Greece and Denmark. The work reports that the Spanish monarch in retirement had 2154 partners between 1976 and 1994.

The 79-year-old renounced the throne in 2014, paving the way for his son Felipe VI. The new book, titled “Juan Carlos, the king to the 5,000 mistresses”, was written by Amadeo Martínez Inglés, ex-colonel of the Spanish army. Based in particular on spies charged by General Franco to watch Juan Carlos during his studies at the military academy, he reviews the hectic life of the ex-King of Spain.

The book will be published in September, according to a summary published in The International Business Times.

“The most beautiful stars and the most spectacular Spanish and foreign representatives have gone through her bed in a more or less temporary way”, reads in this book which is likely to sink a lot of ink in Spain.



The author claims that the former king was already an addict to the sxe before his union in 1962 with the daughter of the King of Greece, with whom he is still married.

He would have slept with 332 s3xual partners, at the military academy as a foal of Franco, “which is a prowess for any actor specializing in movies p0rno: four a week,” writes the author.

The Times even called Juan Carlos “addicted to sex”. “He was crowned in 1975, but already in 1976 he moved away from his wife after the queen found him alongside actress Sara Montiel, who denied any relationship,” adds The Times. He had famous lovers including Barbara Rey, a former Miss World candidate and Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, a German philanthropist.

Rey would have received $ 3 million from the Spanish secret service to deny the case. She later claimed that she had not received such an amount.

In 2015, the Spanish Supreme Court rejected the request for paternity of the 47-year-old daughter of the Belgian governess Liliane Sartiau.

The reputation of Juan Carlos was soiled during an elephant hunting trip to Botswana in April 2012. He handed the throne to his son two years later, saying that the new generation must be at the forefront … Young people with new energies “.

The Spanish royal court did not reply to The Times when he asked for comments.


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