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Meet Joy Villa, The Pro-Trump Artist Who Caused A Sensation At The Grammy Awards!!

It was necessary to dare: Joy Villa has shown its support to the new US president on the mat of the Grammy Awards. What a great spotlight!

The unknown became the celebrity of the Grammy Awards, it is she. Joy Villa, 25, a singer with a reputation all relative, was noticed thanks to its look. The young woman first marched on the red carpet carrying a heart-shaped purse and dressed in a white cape that she quickly removed to unveil her true outfit. And had booked quite a surprise since it hid a blue dress, red and white in honor of … Donald Trump !

On her dress, could indeed find the campaign slogan of the American PresidentMake America Great Again (Make to America’s greatness). A wink to which Donald Trump has not (yet) replied. A clothing choice that earned him some support and … many death threats. He also had a merit: to allow him to know his quarter of an hour of glory.

A dress with message … of love

This dress is the work of stylist Andre Soriano, a Filipino American. And for him, the aim was to spread “love”, he told the Hollywood Reporter . “We all live on this planet. I’ve never been in the political arena. But I find it crazy that people do because they are beaten for Trump or for it, or why. I really think it (…) I heard that someone wanted to blow up the White House (Madonna, ed.), And then I saw the Walk for Women … Love is at the heart of Joy’s music and I told him, Joy, we need to communicate about what is right for the country, what we believe, for the Constitution .


An ideal that defends Villa Joy: “Sometimes you have to just be free to speak, has she commented on Instagram Thanks to all my supporters and those who believe in me Life is to live freely and to.. love it. (…). Go big or go home, you can fight for what you believe or give up in what you do not believe. But, above all, choose tolerance and love. Accept To be in disagreement Judge a person beyond his or her policy, stay dignified, always.Life is made to be lived, go! “

An eclectic resume

A nice touch to “Princess” Joy Villa, who is not really a superstar. Italo-African American, she said Singer (author, composer, performer), actress (no films in which she appeared was released in theaters), wellness coach vegan (she wrote a book on the subject ) , fitness enthusiast and feminist. Couple with Danish photographer Thorsten von Overgaard last November, she reached “the state of Clear,” a level in Scientology (maybe she knows Tom and John?).

His music to be “rock, electro-pop with a dash of hip hop”. She released a dozen singles ( all available here ), it also claims to have performed in concert all over the world. His chain YouTube not yet show little over 4,000 subscribers, its most view video, on-line in 2014, reached 72,250 views.

Joy Villa, queen of buzz … dress

With his brilliance at the Grammys, the popularity of Joy Villa has in any case soared. On Twitter, it has gone from 20,000 to over 64,000 followers in just a few hours! But Joy is not on its first try, she is a true specialist in the “buzz” especially during the Grammy Awards (invited by not-know-who-and-why-knows): in 2016, She had dressed in a short “cage” dress the previous year, her dress resembled a plastic fishing net (orange). Creations, already, of Andre Soriano.


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