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Meet Joshua Osih, Cameroon’s SDF Presidential Candidate And Businessman

The Social Democratic Front (SDF) on Saturday elected party vice president Joshua Osih as the presidential candidate of 2018.

The congress of the main opposition party ended this Saturday in Bamenda with the election of its candidate for the race for the presidency.

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Joshua Osih, a businessman from the south-west of the country, has largely won with 88% of the vote, Forbi Chinda MP.

“I am already grateful to my political family. I know this is a huge task that awaits me and I am aware of all that must be done to try to be ready on the day J. Yaounde trembled before voting. Now they have fever. They know that Etoudi is within our reach, “he said.

He also revealed that he is open to meetings with other political parties.


“Our doors are open. We constantly have discussions with not only candidates, but with any other organization that can help us reach our goal. We do not exclude alliances or coalitions.

Another activist, obviously very happy with this change, is instead putting President Biya in charge. Asked by the Afrikmag reporter, he said “John Fru Ndi has given up the presidential elections because of his age, but what is Biya doing in this chair? J ohn Fru has shown that he is a modern, enlightened leader. Cameroonians now know what remains to be done, “said the 40-year-old in Afrikmag.

On Thursday, SDF founder Ni John Fru Ndi, 74, said he was not going to run for president. “I will not submit my candidacy. I decided to give my place to my cadets in the party. ”

President Biya, 85, has not yet decided on his candidacy. But according to analysts, it is likely that he is seeking another mandate.

If so, he will have as one of the opponents Joshua Osih, 49 years old.



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