Meet Jewell Jones, The Youngest Black State Lawmaker In America

Jewell Jones is the youngest lawmaker in Michigan, aims to work for people he represents like no one else

When he’s not studying for exams at University of Michigan-Dearborn, 21-year-old Jewell Jones is representing more than 60,000 constituents in the 11th district of the Michigan House of Representatives, reports NBC News.

Jones made history on November 8th, 2016, by becoming the youngest politician to ever be elected in the state of Michigan, in a landslide victory by winning 64 percent of the vote against Republican Robert Pope.

Before becoming a State Representative, Jones was also the youngest councilman on the Inkster City Council Board, in which he focused on issues of public safety, economic development and income inequality. He ran on a campaign of addressing these issues and improving the material living conditions of his constituents.


In hoping to bring more young people and new ideas into the Democratic Party, Jones is trying to bring a breath of fresh air to the Party that many say is in a critical period of self-reflection after suffering a historic national defeat in the 2016 election, including losing in states, like Michigan, that have historically been a blue wall for Democrats.

While in office, Jones wants to address some of the economic problems that he sees affecting his constituents every day. He intends to directly confront income inequality and poverty in Michigan, which in turn he believes will ultimately bolster the Democratic Party by reconnecting it with its base. What he is most passionate about, and arguably most importantly, is changing the party’s message and goals to one with a more progressive agenda and one that is more in sync with the base of the party.

He wants to expand the party’s reach by connecting and addressing the concerns of those who felt ignored by the party in the recent election through organizing communities and “meeting people where they are at.”


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