Meet Inga Gubeka The First African To Have Single Malt Whisky Named After Him

Premium whisky brand Glenfiddich has named a single malt whisky after Indalo Decor founder and CEO Inga Gubeka.

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Inga Gubeka (28), founder and CEO of Cape Town-based design studio Indalo Decor, was recently honoured as the Glenfiddich Maverick. Indalo Decor specialises in contemporary lifestyle decor products and accessories.

The Glenfiddich Indalo by Inga whisky is worth R80 000.


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On Thursday, whisky brand Glenfiddich held a private ceremony in Maboneng, Johannesburg, where they unveiled the bottle that Gubeka had designed – and had named after him – a bottle worth R80 000.

“Basically, we’ve been having conversations with Glenfiddich about how we could collaborate, and we came up with a packaging concept where our production complemented what Glenfiddich as a brand stands for,” Gubeka tells DESTINY MAN.

Gubeka is the first African to have a premium single malt whisky named after him. He describes this as a great honour in his design career.

“It feels really good and it’s unbelievable. But most importantly, it’s been a humbling moment and experience for me.”

Indalo Decor was established in 2012, and while the company and brand have grown exponentially since then, the collaboration with Glenfiddich is sure to take the wooden accessories brand to new heights.


“This collaboration is going to give us mileage in terms of our brand recognition merely by association with a brand as distinguished as Glenfiddich,” Gubeka explains. “It will open many doors, especially internationally, for us. Hopefully, we’ll also be able to do a lot more commissions with other luxury brands.”

Thami Banda, brand specialist at William Grant & Sons Distillers, says Gubeka was the perfect person to embody the true essence of the whisky brand and all it stands for.

From left: Ayanda Kasa-Ntsobi, Simone Burns and Inga Gubeka showing off their Indalo Decor merchandise.

“The Glenfiddich Maverick campaign is a tribute to ordinary citizens who through passion and a pioneering spirit became successful mavericks in their industry, similar to that of Glenfiddich’s founder, William Grant,” he said in a statement. “Inga embodies true aspects of a pioneer and we’re proud to have honoured him with this precious liquid.”

Indalo Decor is set to open its second concept store in Braamfontein in the next few weeks. In a previous interview with DESTINY MAN, Gubeka explained how he never forgets to think big. And while he might have been fearful along the way, never once did he doubt the fulfilment of his dream.

“I have a ‘go big or go home’ type of mindset, and when I started this, I wanted it to be big. I had that vision. I was just surprised at how quickly it all happened. But never once did I doubt the future success of my brand. I think every entrepreneur should carry with them this confidence in their product or service.”

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