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Meet Hope Wiseman; America’s Youngest Black Female Owner Of A Marijuana Dispensary

Probably the first place most people have seen the name Hope Wiseman is on trailers for the upcoming E show, WAGS Atlanta. This show is centered around the “wives and girlfriends” of prominent sportspersons. However, Wiseman is an exception, actually being single while being on the show. Another thing that sets her apart is the fact that she is the youngest Black woman in the country to own a marijuana dispensary.


The Washington Informer reported that Wiseman will open a store in Prince George’s County, Maryland, a suburb of the nation’s capital. She  explained her decision to set up shop to the Informer:

“I saw how the war on drugs impacted my community and I knew I wanted to be involved in cannabis to correct that. I started doing research in my home state, and I knew that at that time there would be a bill legalized soon.”

However, this isn’t a case of a reality start going into a business with no knowledge. Wiseman was able to use her past as an investment banker to help get things started. I knew what I had to do and began to raise money,” she stated. “I also knew I needed to get investors to go in on this with me and I partnered with my mother, who’s a dentist and another investor. From there I left my job as an Equity Institutional Sales Analyst at SunTrust in Atlanta and came back home.”

Wiseman and her mother are set to open a store in Winter 2018 under the name Mary and Main. But as Wiseman told Estrohaze, she will have a soft opening around Christmas. While this is all well and good, it still begs the question why exactly she is on a show like this. Well, she did use to date a football player.  However, it looks like she is doing plenty to stay relevant by herself, especially considering that by and large, Black people aren’t really making much of the money behind the legalized cannabis business.

Some see this as a shame, considering that mandatory minimums and other legislation/punishment around marijuana have put a disproportionate amount of black people in jail.


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