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Meet Gina Miller, The “black widow” Who Made The Trip Brexit!!

The Brexit is now a matter of character of women. Theresa May, the British Prime Minister who decided to initiate next spring the output process of the Great Britain in the European Union, has to find to talk to. Her name is Gina Miller, a false air of Karine Lemarchand, the French TV presenter, and is determined to do everything possible to delay the onset of the famous Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, opening the door to EU candidates departure.

Thus, once known the result of the referendum on Brexit, this young woman (51), a native of Guyana she left at the age of 10 years to settle in the United Kingdom, brought the case to the High Court in London . In his eyes, it was necessary that the British Parliament is consulted on the issue before starting the divorce process.

Gina Miller was not entirely alone in his fight. If Europhile conspicuously absent since June 23, the Channel, another individual has followed the same path it. But not for the same reasons. Hairdresser by trade, Deir dos Santos, whose name is not British, has also brought the case before the High Court. “I voted for Brexit to make the power vested in Europe in the British Parliament. So it was not logical that the government does not consult the House of Commons and takes away rights without consulting” a- he indicated through his lawyer.

The judges gave reason to both complainants. “The most fundamental rule of the Constitution of the United Kingdom is that Parliament is sovereign and can make or break any law,” thus considered magistrates, concluding that “the government had no power (…) to notify in accordance with Article 50, the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union “.


The High Court, however, permitted Theresa May and his friends to appeal his decision to the Supreme Court, the highest court of the country. A government lawyer said the appeal should be examined between 5 and 8 December. “The country has voted for an exit from the European Union in a referendum approved by an Act of Parliament. The government is committed to respect the outcome of the referendum,” responded Downing Street regretting the inconvenience.

Death threats. Meanwhile, Gina Miller is supported in its approach. “I could not just go to bed every night wondering what the Brexit mean for my children, for the future and all of us doing nothing. Knowing that there was no plan and that we were facing a perilous future, I told myself that there was no alternative, “she told the Guardian .

Daughter of a senior judge, the lawyer by training who are advised against at the time to engage in a path closed to women, has launched legal proceedings at his expense. That earned him numerous death threats and insults. “The question is not to be unpopular but to do what we think is right,” she said.

The young woman is now shielded against attacks, whether racist or others. Co-founder with her husband Allan of SCM Private, an asset management company (30 million pounds), she scrapped against the City to impose more transparency in the sector. Which earned him the nickname “Black Widow” ( “Black widow”), referenced in the best case in the famous “Scottish Widow”, the selling point of a Scottish insurance group or in the worst the deadly spider.

Gina Miller also funds numerous charities has also struggled to restore order in the area. Theresa May and Eurosceptics have met their match.


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