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Meet Farai Mushayademo, The Best-Dressed Street Hawker in Africa (Video)

Farai Mushayademo is one of more than 100,000 vendors operating on the streets of Zimbabwe’s capital Harare, but he has found a way to stand out from his rivals. When he sells water and other beverages to motorists, he dresses immaculately in suits he has tailored himself. Farai  says he has up to 100 of those suits.


Every Monday, Farai Mushayademo, 36, of Warren Park 1, Harare, joins thousands of formal and informal workers who trickle into the central business district. Always immaculately dressed, Mushayademo, nicknamed “MaSuits”, makes his first stop at a wholesale in the CBD where he buys water, bottles of fizzy and energy drinks and snacks and puts them in two plastics.

Watch his video below




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