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Meet Ethan Sonneborn, the 13-year-old Boy Who is Running for a Governorship Position (Video)

In recent months, there has been a great interest of young people in politics. This is the case of an American teenager who, at 13 years only, wants to become the governor of the state of Vermont in the United States.

Ethan Sonneborn, who is running for election in November 2018, is concerned about the security situation in his state. He would be ready, according to him, to take the bull by the horns.

In his main campaign message, Sonneborn says he wants to put in place a comprehensive gun control policy to ensure the safety and security of life and property in his jurisdiction if he wins the election.

He has already had the honors of an interview on CNN and has his own website where he poses in a suit on the official photos.

According to the US sites, the only challenges that the schoolboy faces and that could be advantages for his competitors are; his age and insufficient resources to finance his campaign.

The future governor has been feeding this ambition since 2017. When asked by CNN, he said:


“My generation is very committed because we are the main victims of shootings. There are people who say that can not happen in Vermont, but we narrowly missed it. Vermont could live this situation if we cross our hands. ”

Ethan Sonneborn’s bravery is admired by many, including Conor Casey, executive director of the Vermont Democratic Party. “It’s interesting, but his biggest obstacle is his status as a college student. Moreover, he has not yet obtained his driving license »

“I admit that when I heard about his ambition, I thought,” Is he a spoiled kid? “But that’s not the case, Ethan really embraced the gun issue early, he represents the youngest and he has been a good voice for them.”

Ethan Sonneborn takes advantage of liberal state laws that currently have no age limit for potential candidates.

Credit: CNN


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