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Meet Dr. Joseph N. Jackson, The Man Who Invented The Remote Control

Dr. Joseph N. Jackson created some of the most iconic technology such as the remote control. Whether it’s the cable box or the DVR, you can thank Dr. Jackson! This man was once an attendee of a segregated school and only received a GED; he is now one of the biggest names in inventing. Always a curious soul, Dr. Jackson stated in the interview below he started pulling apart radios when he was a kid to find “the little people” who would talk on the radio. After that, he had a knack for the mystery of technology.

Dr. Jackson is known my many things: an inventor, businessman, scientist, and humanitarian. He’s the co-founder of the Black Inventions Museum, Inc. At about eighty-years-old, he still invents today. We don’t see him retiring anytime soon!

Out of his eight siblings, Dr. Jackson is the middle child. He learned most of his basic skills when he was seventeen while he was working as an oil field tool maintenance helper. The next year, he joined the United States Army.

As well as working in the army, he attended school where he learned how to repair televisions. He owned his own repair shop for seven years.

His first example of invention is the V-Chip, which is the popular tool of blocking inappropriate content for children. This led to designing the remote control. Since then, he has designed six other inventions including a women’s fertility predictor that’s a popular option for birth control. There’s even discussion that it will become a cell phone app! As a businessman, his marketing strategies are also impressive to influence people to constantly use technology.







U.S. Army Retired Non-Commission Officer

Inventor, 6 US Patents


Joseph N. Jackson was the fourth of eight children born to Ernest and Octavia Jackson inHarvey, “Jefferson Parish” Louisiana.

At the age of 17 he went to work as an oil field tool maintenance helper.  He was accepted in the United States Army at the age of 18.  In the Army he worked unloading ships in Alaskafrom 1956-1957.  And as a Military Policeman from 1958-1961.

In 1961 he received his high school GED.  He went to television repair school at night, and owned and operated a radio and television service shop part-time for seven years in Fayetteville, North Carolina, near FortBragg where he was stationed.  He was honorably discharged from the Army in February 1968 after 12 years of service.  He rejoined in Jun 1970, and worked in Korea as an engineer equipment technician.  In 1971, he graduated from the U.S. Army Recruiting and Career Counselor School and work inBoston, MA in 1971-1972.   He transferred toCalifornia in 1973 as an Army Recruiter and Career Counselor until his retirement July 1978.

In 1975 he completed his degree in Business Administration from Columbia College,Columbia, MO.

He holds a Doctorate in “Applied Science and Technology” Glendale University, Santa Fe, NM

He was recently honored in the City of Carson, CA, with a honorary Doctorate in Business Administration for his contribution to society.

Holder of numerous “Certificates of Completion” in the areas of Advanced Television Electronics, Business Management (Marketing), Leadership Development and Public Speaking.

Speaks some conversational Korean and Spanish.


His early efforts led to the precursor of the V-Chip, technology that is used in the television industry to blocks out violent and objectionable programs that could be seen by young children, and the creation of the Programmable Television Controller. and other innovative devices for the television industry. His fascination with technology and electronics led him to create a modernized version of an ancient idea.  His expertise has garnered him worldwide esteem. A few years back he was called upon by the network television industry to testify before the House of Representatives and several Senators regarding technical solutions to television violence.  He was called as a consultant to demonstrate the control that parents would have with his technology, the affordability of the device and the simplicity of implementation by concerned parents.

He founded Protelcon, Inc., in 1993 to market and distributes, the TeleCommander, the first empowerment television accessory designed to give parents control over the viewing content and habits of children.

Holder to six issued U.S. Patents in the area of telecommunications (Programmable Television Receiver Controllers, Fertility Prediction Devices (female) as well as several copyrights, trademarks, and Pending Patents in the area of Aircraft Security and Tracking Systems.

The idea for programmable television came to Dr. Jackson in 1976.  His idea culminated into the following U.S. Patents:

#4,081,754 March 1978

#4,228,543 October 10, 1980

#5,548,345 August 1, 1996

#6,094,194 June 20, 2000

The idea for a personal female “Biorhythmic Cycle Indicator” resulted in the following U.S. Patents:

#5,836,890 November 17, 1998

#6,022,323 February 8, 2000

In 1996, Choice Technologies, was created as a research and development entity to demonstrate the viability and prototype development of the intellectual properties.

Dr. Jackson co-founded the Black InventionMuseum in 1993.

Presently, serve as Patent Consultant to many potential inventors trough out the country.

Awards and Community Recognition

On October 29, 2009, Dr. Jackson received and endorsement from LOS ANGELES UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICTS, STUDENT HEALTH ANDHUMAN SERVICES, District Nursing Services, for his FEM-CHOICE ® Cycle Prediction System that will be utilitzed as a teaching tool for their Growth & Development Program, for fifth and sixth graders throughout the district. With six hundred and thirty-nine schools in its’ district, it is the second largest in the United States.

“Award of Excellence” plaque from the Film & Television Advisory Board, Hollywood, CA for his innovation to the television industry-1971 (First Parental Control System).

A special conference held jointly by the four major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX) on the subject of “Violence on TV.” (Hosted by CBS in New York) where he demonstrated his parental control technology in 1994.

Dr Jackson has had numerous appearances on local television, and several articles published in the “Los Angeles Times, Long Beach Press Telegram, The Los Angeles Sentinel, The Wave” and other local newspapers.  He also appeared in “Jet Magazine,” on January 19, 1978.

He is a member of The Black Business Association of Los Angeles, The Hawthorne Chamber of Commerce, and served on the Advisory Board of MESA/MEP at Cal State University of Long Beach School of Engineering.

Listed below are examples of some of the schools, institutions and civic organizations where he has lectured on the topic of“Creativity and the Inventive Process.”

Cal State University, Long Beach, CA

Cal State University, Los Angeles, CA.

Cal State University, Dominguez Hills, Carson,CA

Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, CA

El Camino College, Hawthorne, CA

U.S. Housing and Urban Development, Los Angeles, CA.

Department of the Navy, Long Beach, CA

United States Coast Guard, Long Beach, CA

Southern California Edison, Headquarters,Irwindale, CA

MTA Los Angeles, CA

California Association for the Physically Handicapped, Los Angeles, CA.

Social Security Administration, Long Beach, CA

Internal Revenue Service, Long Beach, CA

West Los Angeles, College, Los Angeles, CA.

Los Angeles Trade Tech. Los Angeles, CA.

Los Angeles Unified School District Student Health and Human Service Division

District Nursing Service. Los Angeles, CA.

Carson Black Chamber of Commerce, Carson,CA.

The Law Offices of Morrison & Foerster, Los Angeles, CA.

City of Los Angeles (Bureau of Street Services) Los Angeles, CA.



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