Meet Dr Adedunmola Oluwo, the 24-Year-Old Nigerian Graduate Who Finished Medical School While Running Four Businesses

DR Adedunmola Oluwo, a 24-year-old Nigerian medical graduate who ran four businesses while studying.

Adedunmola attended University of Debrecen Hungary while running her empire by herself.

At the age of 17, when she moved to Hungary for her studies, she started her first business, Hair by Dedun, as a means to get extra cash for monthly stipends but ended up making more than enough from the business.

As an inquisitive lady, she decided to try her hands on baking just for the fun of it and luckily for her, a friend tasted one of her delicious cakes and placed the first order.

This was four years ago when Dedun’s Cakes, the biggest Cakes and Pastry business owned by a student in Hungary, was born.


Due to the high demand from the Nigerian students for some nostalgic home food, Dr Dedun, as she’s fondly called, ventured into the Nigerian food catering business, serving delicious home away from home meals to her fellow students.

She calls it DedunCooks.

Recently, she discovered her love for make-up application and after musing with her friends, she decided to enroll in a make-up school in her final year of Medical School. She has now added Belle Artistry by Dedun to her successful list of Businesses.

She is also a lifestyle and inspirational writer on a self-named blog,

She focuses mainly on students but occasionally writes on general life experiences that any age group can relate to.

Her aim is to spread positivity, encouragement and inspire people through her life’s story.


Written by How Africa

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