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Meet Donald Trump’s Chinese Impersonator Who Is Taking The Social Media By Storm

A Chinese Donald Trump impersonator is taking his audiences by storm despite looking nothing like the American President.

Li Liangwei, 65, left his career as a magazine publisher behind to hire himself out as a Trump ‘look-a-like’.

Despite having grey hair, speaking no English and looking nothing like Trump, Li has become a huge hit in Beijing.

Li has even been asked to star in TV adverts as Trump.

Li has been a huge hit in Beijing after a friend said he saw a resemblance with Trump 

Although claiming he knows little about politics, Li said he found the President to be a “clever person”, an “inspirational figure” and a “great leader”, when he first saw him on TV.

“When I saw Trump , I knew he would be a great leader”, while speaking to the MailOnline.

He said: “I can tell if someone is a good person or a bad person at a glance

Li mainly impersonates Trump’s hand and facial gestures (Photo: Tribune News Service)

Describing his bizarre impersonation tactics, he added: “Appearance isn’t everything.

“I specialise in imitating Trump’s gestures and facial expressions.”

Li is often pictured with outstretched arms and a thumbs or, or a firm one-fingered point, which he believes captures Trump’s body language.

The owner of a TV production company in the Hunan Province, Mr Zou, manages Li’s work and bookings for appearances as Trump.

Li has even been taking booking of TV adverts 

He also has a Chinese impersonator of Barack Obama on his books.

Having been friends for years, it was Mr Zou who encouraged Li to start working as a Trump impersonator.

While the pair were eating dinner together, Li gestured in a way that reminded him of Trump.

Mr Zou said: “You look like someone. You look like US President Trump.”

After uploading a picture of Li to a Chinese social media app, viewers went wild for the apparent resemblance.       He then hired a make-up artist to complete the transformation and Li’s career as a Trump impersonator rocketed.

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