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Meet Diana Opoti, One of Africa’s Most Fierce Entrepreneurs in the Fashion Industry

Diana Opoti, Founder Diana Opoti PR

Diana Opoti is the founder of Diana Opoti PR, a fashion consultancy that she started that focuses on brand strategy, publicity and campaign development, and management of emerging fashion brands in Kenya as well as those looking to enter the country.

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After completing her studies, Diana began working on “Designing Africa” a show that documented stories of a new generation of emerging designers across the African content. She traveled to different countries to individually meet with these designers and to attend top fashion events that showcased African talent in creative design.

Diana Opoti PR

June 23rd to Sept 30th, 2014 saw Diana run a successful campaign dubbed “100 Days of African Fashion” that was well received locally and internationally. It was a great platform for African designers to begin engaging with international designers.

This is where the fashion consultancy got busy and started receiving a good number of clients, as Diana had taken advantage of a gap that existed in the fashion industry as there was not a single consultancy based entirely on fashion.

As any other business, Diana has faced a lot of challenges. Getting clients to believe in her services and see the overall benefit of a fashion consultancy was not an easy feat. Most fashion brands handled their business by themselves, and it was not easy to have them sign over to Opoti PR and PAY for the services.

What helped though was her online presence, as emerging designers realized the benefit of being propelled forward by a name as big as Diana’s, and clients started pouring in.

Some of her most notable current projects include:

  • Young Designers Kenya, which is supported by The Royal Danish Embassy in Kenya.
Young Designers
  • Textile Print Project which is supported by The British Council.


  • Designing Africa Collective Store, a retail project launching May 2017.

  • Creator 100 Days of African Fashion (Ss1 & 2) featuring over 300 brands on the continent. (2014-2015-2016)

Past projects include:

  • Content Producer & Executive Producer- Designing Africa with Diana Opoti (television magazine / Africa Magic – MNET. The show aired 2013 through 2014 and ran for 26 episodes.
  • Series Producer Mashariki Mix (MNET / Africa Magic) 2011
  • Senior Content Producer Patricia Show / MNET SSN 2 (2010)

Through all the hard work, Diana’s satisfaction comes from signing new clients each time as this is a confirmation that they share in her vision and believe in her journey. Getting a new client who was referred by an existing client leaves her excited for the future.

Diana simply explains, “Find a niche. Turn what you like a business. Passion fuels business.”

Learn more about Diana: Website | Twitter | Instagram

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