Meet the Country With The Most Immigrants in the World

Which Country Accepts the Most Immigrants in the World

Which Country accpets most immigrants in the world


When a person moves from one country to another country just to settle there it is called immigration which has several reasons like.

  • Economical reasons
  • Political
  • Temperature
  • Breeding
  • A wish to change the environment
  • For educational purpose
  • For job etc

Immigration in the world








In accordance to a survey in 2012 , over 640 persons would want to migrate from his living place to another country if they got any opportunity for it. The most important thing through which a determination can be made about a country’s rate of immigrants is the job availability that how much opportunities are there in that nation for immigrants.


Q: Which Nation accepts most immigrants in the world?

ANS: United States have a strongest economy in the world and it provides a number job opportunities to the people immigrating from other countries to USA. soUnited States is the country which accepts the most immigrants and according to an estimate 20% of the world’s total immigrations are linked to this nation as listed in table below.

USA immigration


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