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Meet Colisha and Fatz, Founders of First Black-Owned Gas Station in Clayton County, USA

Colisha and Fatz, Founders of First Black-Owned Gas Station in Clayton County, USA

The Jonesboro community is celebrating the opening of a gas station on Tara Boulevard. The Citgo has already gone viral online for being the first African-American owned gas station in Clayton County, according to longtime residents.

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The town has welcomed its first ever Black-owned gas station owned by local entrepreneurs Colisha Hicks and her fiancé Fatz. The opening of the gas station has inspired local residents.

Located just south of Atlanta, Clayton County’s population is 65 percent African American, but most of the businesses in town are not Black-owned. The city does, however, have several Black-owned restaurants, law firms, hair salons and barber shops. But a Black-owned gas station takes things to a new level!

In fact, news about the gas station’s opening immediately went viral on Facebook with more than 6,000 likes and very positive and supportive comments from the local and national community.

Here’s what some people had to say:

“Definitely stopping through when I’m in the area. Would love to meet him and pick his brain.”

“I’m a Lyft and Uber driver. I fill up my tank everyday. That’s where I’ll be getting my gas. Buying back the block one business and home at a time. We starting in Jonesboro Ga. y’all.

“I will be there to support this gas station. I know exactly where you are at. I am so proud of [them], and I will spread the word.”

Both Colisha and Fatz say they are thrilled to be able to support their community and inspire other African Americans.

“We can do the same thing that everybody else does,” Fatz said during an interview with NBC 11 Alive. He added that it makes them feel good that they are showing others how they, too, can become successful entrepreneurs.

Even young people are being inspired. “The youth when they see us; They’re shocked,” Fatz added. “That makes us feel good.”

He says they want to inspire local teens to hustle, work hard for their dreams, and stay out of trouble.

Watch the video below:


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