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Meet Christian Kamtchueng, the Genius Behind the Popular Afrisia App

Christian Kamchueng is one of those discreet but hardworking characters. The man who lives in the Paris region is a great extraordinary talent. He is the designer of Afrisia, a tool for conscious consumption. A real guide to find the desired services. In a few clicks, visitors can find a hairdresser, a restaurant, a lawyer or a grocery store but especially according to their desires, principles, values ​​or favorite places.

“Regardless of the motivations, our users are faced with a dilemma between their values ​​and their actions. We wanted to give back to civil society its power through its consumption. We all share a responsibility, and Afrisia makes our consumption a citizen weapon of defense of our values. We want to eradicate the value for money; ‘equal quality, choose your values!’ He says.

Concretely, the user can propose labels (values ​​for example: BIO or Equitable), business types (need of consumption: Hairdresser, Grocery store) and also to refer new businesses on the application.

On the other hand, the application is a framework for a better visibility of the activities of entrepreneurs. For lack of means or time, the young initiatives are not known. Afrisia is a demarcation space where they can not only describe the way they run their business but also the values ​​they convey or wish to convey through their business, their identity or even their person. Clarifications that will be decisive in the choice or suggestions that will be made to applicants.

“Clearly, we want to be part of everyone’s consumption reflex. Before even taking out his money, the reflex should be to go to Afrisia. We want to change the world, bring back a little humanity in our society “indicates the young Franco-Cameroonian who was accompanied in this initiative by a group of like-minded friends regarding the loss of values ​​and the control of the consumer.

The initiator of Afrisia has a real desire for change. A real motivation that had already pushed him to write some discrete head of literary works including ‘The Manifesto of Objective Reason’. A work that speaks of revolution, of the true motivation of Afrisia which is therefore self-knowledge. Faced with difficulties, the Afro-Parisien did not give up and launched this application at the end of 2017. The course of the author-entrepreneur of 35 years is atypical and contrasts with that of his former colleagues from the City to London.

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