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Meet Christian doctors Who have helped deliver 4,000 babies in one of the riskiest Places in the world!

UK surgeons Andrea and Mark Hotchkin have been serving at Guinebor II Hospital near Chad’s capital N’djamena since it opened in 2011, sent by BMS World Mission and supported by UK Christians. They’ve acted as doctors, surgeons, community health project leaders and friends to the mostly Muslim population, and they’ve seen amazing results. One key area of their work has been developing maternal health services – essential in a country where nearly nine in every 100 babies born die before their first birthday.

“It’s really fulfilling to be able to work and make a difference to people’s lives,” says Dr Mark Hotchkin. “We give thanks to God for the job that he’s given us. Working in a place like this is actually why I felt called into medicine in the first place.”

But despite these rising numbers, Andrea aspires to do more. There is still a large proportion of women who are not accessing the health care available to them.



For every nine women who die through pregnancy or childbirth in the UK, 856 women die in Chad. Traditionally, women in Chad give birth in their homes, which are often mud-built houses with little light. They have no medical care on hand if something goes wrong, and the nearest hospital is often hours – or days – away. Even in cases where the solution is simple, by the time they reach help it might be too late for them, or for their baby.

In order to prevent these needless deaths, the team at Guinebor II is trying to encourage more expecting mothers to access the facilities available to them at the hospital. Dr Andrea Hotchkin is leading a maternal health programme which involves two of the hospital’s Chadian midwives going out into the surrounding Muslim communities to explain about the importance of antenatal care and delivering in hospital.

The 4,200 miniature miracles born at Guinebor II Hospital so far might not be alive if it wasn’t for the amazing commitment of people like Andrea and Mark Hotchkin. Now that the new maternal health centre is in place and the outreach programme is well underway, thousands more healthy mums will be able to take their babies home with them in the coming years.



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