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Meet The Chinese Engineer Who Has The Courage To Tell Africans What Most Of Them Refuse To Hear

Here is a Chinese engineer who has the courage to tell Africans what most of them refuse to hear:

their own responsibility for the delay which is theirs. Many Africans love accuse France, colonization, slavery etc. Now, before colonization, slavery before it happened what? During 1000, 1500, 2000 years have done to develop African? Some African countries were never colonies, such as: Ethiopia, Liberia.Some African nations have never been in contact with the white man, eg Pygmies. Why are they never developed? That is to say that the problem is where we refuse to seek: in itself! There are many blacks who like to say that the Egyptian pharaohs were black, that black invented everything, and that it is the whites who all stolen.

Admitting so slightly that Ancient Egypt had been black. QUID of Congo, Senegal, Mali, Benin, Chad and all those other poor countries of Africa? Is it because the Egyptians were black it prevented other African countries to work on their side to develop? When one makes a historical retrospect, we see that all civilizations that shone in the world have left impressive infrastructural projects: Great Wall of China, Aztec pyramid, Versailles, Egyptian pyramid, etc. And Black Africa in? Almost nothing! In Africa, where the architectural masterpieces?


The little that is most often the work of European settlers. It was they who built the roads, railways, port facilities, pipelines, gas pipelines, airfields etc. For example, in Cameroon the only rail network that exists was built by the Germans. In Congo – Brazzaville, the only railway line that exists is the work of French. And even the rare works built by the Africans themselves, either undergo sagging due to incredible negligence or outright destruction as was the case of Mausoleums and manuscripts of Timbuktu in Mali dating back several centuries; they were destroyed in 2013 by Malian (Islamists) themselves!

The truth is hard to hear, but have the courage to say: When European built the Eiffel Tower when American went to the moon, what were you doing on the scientific and technical level? We need African aware of this, instead of put blinders on to say “it is the fault of others.” The truth is that Europeans were more enterprising technically you. Tell me what African tribe had the idea to take the boats and see what was beyond the seas? Which had the curiosity – the basis of all scientific progress – and perseverance to try to improve their lives by transforming its ecosystem?

It’s fine to have oil, diamonds and gold, but if you just build villages in branches and mud in the year 0, the year 1100, year 1478, the year 1790 … the year 2016 while others are building castles in Versailles and walls in China, then do you blame but yourself!”

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