Meet Charles Ampofo, The Richest Man in Ghana

Charles Ampofo is the richest man in Ghana with a net worth of $1.46 billion, according to a report by Goodman AMC, a Ghanaian management and consulting firm.

Goodman AMC identified Ampofo as Ghana’s richest man after tracking 100 people in Ghana who have $100 million and more.

The firm’s research saw Amofo lead a list of the 80 richest people in Ghana.

Ampofo is said to have made his fortune through Kampac Oil, an oil and gas firm based in the business hub of Dubai.

Charles Ampofo is the Chairman and Founder of Kampac Group which is headquartered in the business hub of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The Group engages in various activities and operates Kampac Oil as its primary business. Other companies under the Group includes Kampac Properties, Kampac Travels, Kampac Flora, Kampac Telecom and Kampac Resources.

In 1999, Ampofo  founded Universal Transfer Service as a Financial Services and Funds Transfer company which went on to build an entire multi-banking network in Côte D’Ivoire which consisted of 24 banks. Under his leadership, the company has post growth of more than 30% over the last 10 years.

He has created the largest energy city in the world in the Philippines and upon completion the company will be one of the top 50 oil companies in the Far East.  He is a member of the Global Fortune Forum since 2005.

Kampac International PLC was founded in 1988 in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates with additional offices in the United Arab Emirates, Ivory Coast, the United Kingdom, Greece, Jordan, Nigeria, Senegal, Venezuela, Canada, Ghana, and South Africa.

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