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Meet Chantel Dartnall; The South African Female Chef To Be Named Among The Best In The World


A week ago, South Africa’s Chantel Dartnall crowned the winner of the Best Chef Lady Awards which took place in Warsaw Poland.

While this isn’t the first run through, the locally conspicuous chef specialist is perceived for her cooking mastery, winning the lofty global award makes another tallness in her cooking/providing food vocation.

It is truly earth shattering that from endeavors made in the neighborhood society, Dartnall championed a global challenge in Poland.

For the Best Chef Awards Top 100 rundown for 2017, Elandsfontein-conceived Dartnall was put at the 32nd position. This makes her the main and one of just three female gourmet specialists to make the best 50.

The competition which has about 1.5 million followers on its digital platform selects chefs in six categories by 300 voters comprising chefs, food writers and culinary experts across the globe.

Chantel Dartnall a two-time South Africa Chef of the Year. Her expertise with gourmet has taken South Africa up to the international culinary map.

Chantel Dartnall

The award-winning chef finds the win “pretty insane” and considers it an honor to be nominated alongside renowned chefs.

“It’s a major award when you look at the other chefs who were nominated, such as Elena Arzak and Sophie Pic, who both have three Michelin stars. I’ve always admired them,”

“I made the decision to fly across the world for one night to attend the awards ceremony in Warsaw because it was such a great honour to be included with these giants who I admire so much.”

“I’ve spent time with them before and was just excited to meet with them again – they are my food heroes and to be in the same room as them was a reward in itself.”

Last year’s winner of the international chef award was Elena Arzak, a Spanish chef.

Elena and her father, Juan Mari Arzak are joint head chef of three Michelin starred restaurant. She was named best Female Chef in the World in 2012.


Chantel Dartnall

Other top world chefs beaten in the competition include Swedish Emma Bengtsson, France’s Anne-Sophie Pic and Maison Pic. SA’s Dartnall also beat Clare Smyth, the first and so far the only female chef to run a restaurant with three Michelin stars in the UK with her establishment, Core.

Funny enough the South African chef did not expect to win. She accepted to travel to Poland to meet her culinary idols.

Chantel Dartnall is the owner and head chef of Mosaic Restaurant in Elandsfontein near Pretoria. She trained under top chefs such as Nico Ladenis of Chez Nico at 90 Park Lane in London and Michael Caines of Gidleigh Park in Devon.

Chantel Dartnall

Dartnall is exceptionally known for her meticulous and exquisite approach to modern fine dining. The Best Chef Awards looks out for world’s top chefs for culinary artistry and visual presentation. For this year, 37-year-old Chantel beat the rest with her culinary designs.

According to her she draws inspiration from fresh, seasonal produce to create dishes. But above all, Dartnall credits her mom as her inspiration.

“My mother was one of my biggest influences growing up. Even now the smell of a roast chicken brings back wonderful childhood memories. I can still smell it roasting.”

Chantel Dartnall is the only South African chef listed in the top 100.


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