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Meet The CEO Of Fen Da, A Chinese Star-up Q&A Site Valued At $100 Million Less Than A Month After Launch

There is nothing new releasing a Q&A site where individuals could submit inquiries to celebs and professionals from all strolls of life, however a Chinese start-up lately created a spin on the suggestion that has aided it obtain an assessment of $100 million in simply 24 days.

Fen Da, developed by Beijing-based science news site, is an app that took its cue from networking platform Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” (or AMA), where users post questions to a featured guest in a live, interactive online interview. Guests of the popular format have included public figures like President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Snoop Dogg, to lesser known characters such as former religious cult members or mafia bosses.


On Fen Da, users can post their questions directly to experts, scientists, entertainment stars as well as other public figures, but must pay a fee set by the respondents before receiving their answers that come in the form of 60-second voice messages. An additional bonus: Fen Da offers a sneak peak listen function, where other curious users can pay 1 yuan ($0.15) to replay the answer. That 1 yuan will be split between the original poster and the respondent. This, in theory, earns the original poster money which could recoup their upfront cost, possibly even turning a profit.

Source: Forbes


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