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Meet Caitlin Burke, the 11-Year-Old Girl Who Delivered Her Baby Sister All By Herself After Mom’s Water Broke Suddenly

Most kids in early age would cry, panic, and be frightened in times of emergency. However 11-year-old Caitlin Burke from Tamworth, Staffordshire is different, as she showed how composure during emergency crisis can produce positive results.This brave girl delivered her baby sister completely by herself and then went to school just like a normal day.


Caitlin Burke was guided by ambulance staff on the phone as she took control of the birth of tiny Elsa-Monet.

She even managed to unravel the cord which was wrapped around the baby then proudly handed her to her mum.

Amazingly, she went to lessons just hours after delivering the newborn.

Caitlin, who is the eldest of five children, said she has been so inspired by what happened she now wants to be a midwife.

She said: “I was a bit scared and shakey at first because I had never seen anything like that before in my life.

“But when my sister was born, I was really happy. I think she’s really cute and I love her very much.

“My friends at school and the teachers were really happy and proud of me. I want to be a midwife when I’m older.”

Caitlin sprang into action when mum Tara Knightley’s waters suddenly broke at her home in Dordon on Tuesday morning.


It happened within 10 minutes of her partner Daniel Burke leaving the home in Dukes Road at around 5am.

So it was down to Caitlin, who is the eldest of five children, to call for the ambulance and guide her mum through labour.

Mum-of-five Tara spent just over two hours in labour before giving birth to Elsa-Monet at 7.17am.

“Caitlin was just amazing. I find it difficult to put into words just what she has done for me,” said stay-at-home mum Tara.

“I don’t know what I would have done if Caitlin had not been there.

“I started getting contractions so my partner left to take my youngest to his sister’s house.

“But within 10 minutes of him leaving, my waters broke.

“Based on previous labours, I knew that as soon as that happened, it wouldn’t be long before the baby was born.

“I told Caitlin to call for an ambulance, and they were telling her what to do over the phone.

“I was screaming in pain but Caitlin was calm throughout.”

Even the first sight of the baby’s head failed to faze courageous Caitlin.

“When the head was showing, I thought to myself ‘I need to stop screaming because my 11-year-old daughter is seeing me’,” said Tara.

“I couldn’t do what Caitlin has done at my age, let alone at the age of 11.

“She did everything she was told to do and was extremely brave and supportive.

“She got the towels, she then helped remove the cord because it was wrapped around the baby.

“And she helped to rub and stimulate her because she wasn’t crying.

“She has such a bond with her baby sister now. She can’t leave her alone and keeps saying how much she loves her.

“We are all so proud of her.”

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