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Meet Brittney Exline: At 19 She Became Youngest African American Engineer

Brittney Exline is no ordinary teenager. She has made history twice in her life so far and there is no telling how much farther she will go in life. The 19-year-old Colorado Springs teen was the youngest African-American to be accepted into an Ivy League school. At just 15 years old she was accepted at the University of Pennsylvania in 2007.


Not even 20 years old yet, Brittney has become the youngest student to become an engineer at the University of Pennsylvania and has also become the youngest African-American to ever become and engineer in 2016. She graduated this year cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science. She got a job with a software company near Boston almost right out of graduation. She says that she is nervous but it is not because of how old she is. She is nervous because of another transition in life.

Before Exline was even out of high school she was taking an anthropology class with Harvard University. Her hard work and dedication paid off and she was given a full scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania. She speaks seven different languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic, Russian, and Japanese. She decided that she wanted to graduate from college even quicker so she doubled her workload and piled on the classes. She minored in math, classical studies, and psychology.

Her parents knew that she was special when she began doing things that were far beyond what a child her age should be doing such as complete 24 to 100 piece puzzles at just 15 months old. During her summer when she was 16 she began working on the New York Stock Exchange as an investment analyst for Sophrosyne Capital Hedge Funds. She found many different internships but found that volunteering was a passion of hers. She hopes to go back to school some day for her Masters but is not too thrilled over going for a doctorate at the moment.



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