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Meet Britain’s Biggest Family: The Lancashire’s Radford Family With 19 Children!!!

Britain’s Biggest family is no other than Lancashire’s Radford family.

The family welcomed their 19th child and still hopes to have more.

Britain thought the Radfords meant it last year when they supposedly vowed not to have any more children. Well the parents of Britain’s biggest family now have 19 children.

Little Phoebe-willow is the latest addition to 9 brothers and 9 sisters.

The Radford couple were both adopted at childhood, perhaps why they are enthused with the idea of having as many children as 20. Actually they would have been 20 by now if they hadn’t lost their son Alfie at 21 weeks.

The Radfords own and run a bakery. The father of the household, Noel and his eldest children, work in the bakery.

Britain’s biggest family spends about £100 per child on birthdays and about £100-£250 during Christmas. The large family of adults and growing children expends £250 worth of  food every week. And this includes the daily 2 boxes of cereal, 3 litres of juice and 18 pints of milk.

In just one day the family uses at least 4 toilet rolls, 20 loaves of bread and about 30 bottles of washing liquid in a month. In all, the Radford couple spends £30,000 a year on their children.


46-year old Noel started a family with his childhood sweetheart, Sue, 41, who gave birth to their first child at 14. He said the initial plan was to have 3 children. All of a sudden they realized the idea of having more children appealed to them.

Britain’s biggest family became more popular after their media appearance on a Channel 4 documentary,16 Kids And Counting. 


The Radfords are not exactly attracting much negative criticisms at the moment because the children are largely well taken care of. It would have been a disaster if the Radfords did not have the wherewithal to cater for their children.

Did you know that the family traditionally enjoys a family holiday abroad every year?


“Our friends and family keep saying I should have one to get an even number- so round it off to an even 20.”

“I can’t rule it out. At the moment I am happy to have Phoebe with us, she is healthy and a little stunner.”-Sue.


The busy family home is situated in a former care home worth £240,000 in Morecombe. Phoebe-willow’s older siblings include: Chris (27), Sophie (22), Chloe (21), Jack (19), Daniel (17), Luke (15), Millie (14), Katie (13), James (12), Ellie (11), Aimee (10), Josh (9), Max (7), Tilly (6), Oscar (4), Casper (3) and 13-month-old Hallie.


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