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Meet Bridget Bema, The ‘Stubborn’ Kenyan Girl Who Broke All The School Rules In Viral Video

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A video of a young girl identified as Bridget Bema went viral on social media for obvious reasons. In the video, Bridget Bema, a primary school pupil was called out several times and told to kneel down for different offences. Apparently, she was guilty of breaking all the rules in her school.

The pupils had gathered outside their classrooms for morning devotion when their teacher brought out a list containing names of students who committed different offenses.

He called the names and their offenses one after the other, and Bridget’s name came up in all the categories of offenses. She kept on moving from one line to another as her name was continuously mentioned in all the lists of rule-breakers in the school.

Bridget Bema’s viral video has prompted us to sort for and bring you more information about her.

Who is Bridget Bema?

Bridget Bema is a 9-year-old Kenyan content creator who is also the younger sister of rising Kenyan comedian, Oliver Otieno, popularly known as YY The Comedian, who played the school administrator in the viral video where Bridget‘s name was reeled for varying misdemeanors ranging from late-coming to noise-making and bullying.

Oliver Otieno, popularly known as YY The Comedian


Bridget Bema was born on November 10, 2011. She is regarded as a child comedian in Kenya just like Emmanuella is regarded in Nigeria. The adorable 9-year-old often appears in comedy videos with her brother.

Having your name penned down for misdemeanors isn’t that much of a novel occurrence. What drove the school assembly content to virality isn’t the dialogue or the shock expressed by the school administrator – it is the carefree – almost happy actually – manner with which Bridget moved from row to row in open defiance of constituted authority.


Bridget doesn’t care for rules. She is every inch her own ‘woman’ and that is the catch. We all – well, most of us – go through life abiding by the rules set by the society. So Bridget represents what we aspire to do but are too scared to do. For those who had no aversion to breaking the rules and making things happen, Bridget represents a fitting throwback to the days when doing what one wishes without any care in the world came naturally.


So either way, there is a Bridget Bema in every one of us. That is what got the video across international borders – because it resonates deeply with us regardless of our background and this is why we hope Bridget doesn’t stop what she’s doing – making content out of Kenya for us to laugh hard and share aggressively.

Emmanuela did it out of Nigeria, why not Bridget?

In case you missed the video, watch it below:


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