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Meet the Black Men People Should Be Worried About!

We live in a world where Black men are constantly labeled as being a threat to society. This is perpetuated through the media so the natural reaction of some people is to distance themselves from us so they will not “get hurt”. While people continue to form their perceptions of Black men and continue to view us as being ravaging animals, there are a group of brothas they really should be worried about — the college educated brothas.

College educated brothas are no better than a brother who does not have a degree, but what makes this brother so powerful is the fact that by accomplishing his degrees, he becomes an instant inspiration to younger brothas who will discover that obtaining a degree is possible. This would mean that more brothas could be inspired to attend college, resulting in more brothas being in a position to break barriers and challenge systems. Today I want to give a testimony about a group of dangerous brothas I know who are on a mission to break barriers and provide opportunities for younger brothas.

There is a group of four young Black men who did not come from the most ideal situations. All of them were from low-income families, one of them had a deceased parent, some of them were from single parent households, three of the four were first-generation college students, none of them were geniuses, but none of them allowed these life challenges to stop them from becoming dangerous Black men.


The four guys met in college as fraternity brothers. In 2006, these young men made a promise that would lead to them becoming the ultimate dangerous Black men. They all agreed that they would obtain their doctoral degrees before the age of 30. The road was not easy and there were many challenges along the way, but in May of 2013, the last member of the group completed his doctoral degree and the promise was fulfilled. I am honored to be one of the young men who were a part of this promise and I am thankful that God surrounded me with a group of dedicated brothas who wanted to break barriers and create opportunities for the younger generation.

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