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Meet Awa Traoré, the First Veiled Model to Ignites the Podiums in Ivory Coast

The world of the Ivorian model is undergoing a real boiling with the rising of Awa Salimata Seni Traoré. Just like Halima Aden , the first female mannequin “veiled” Awa Traoré enters the modeling world with her veil.

For the young woman, it is out of the question to get on a podium without her veil. The passion for this profession was born during an issue of the show ” The saga of the models ” on RTI1 in 2012. Proud of its membership and its origins, the young woman shows it clearly, reconciling her religion and her passion.


While continuing to evolve in his field that is aesthetics, Awa learns to scroll to the models of the agency Sydney Conceptual Top Model Fatim Sydney.

“Wearing the veil is not a problem for me. I see myself beautiful with. I am Muslim, practicing. But I also want to scroll and I wish to be accepted as such. My slender form added to the rigorous training that is given me in Sydney Conceptual, certainly help me to make me a place in modeling in Ivory Coast, “reassures the veiled model.

Carrying the veil on the podium is for Awa Traoré, a way of breaking down the prejudices, barriers and encouraging young Muslim women who, because of religious prejudices, can not fully live their dreams and ambitions.

“I want to encourage young Muslim girls who want to be models, to get started. There are some who are beautiful, who have the profile of the good model but they can not exercise because they are afraid of the eyes of others. In addition, I also want to value the Muslim woman, “said Awa Traoré. With this release and assertiveness, the veil will be more and more present on the catwalks.


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