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Meet Alysia Montano: The Sensational Black Pregnant Sprinter At The US Championships!! (VIDEO)



Alysia Montano made a sensation at the championships of the United States running its 800 m by 43 degrees … being pregnant of 5 months. The heat was stifling in Sacramento, where the thermometer was nearly 43 degrees. This did not prevent Alysia Montano from lining up to 800 m while she is 5 months pregnant. She finished in the last place of her series, with a time of 2’21 “40. In 2013, she won a beautiful 4th place at the Moscow World Championships.

A year earlier, she took fifth place at the London Olympics. This time, the main thing was elsewhere. “It was great! I wanted to show that a pregnancy did not prevent the practice of her profession, “she said, satisfied, saying that she was inspired by the film” Wonder Woman “. Gal Gadot, the main actress, shot the feature film by being five months pregnant as well. “When I was told that she had shot half the film by being five months pregnant, I decided to register for the US Championships.”


A first in 2014 “I was careful before the race to drink a lot, which pregnant women can not always do in other parts of the world where it is much warmer than that. We have so many chances to live here in America. Two laps of the track under the heat, honestly, it’s nothing, “she added, comments relayed by This is not the first time Montano has participated in a pregnant race. By 2014, she had even presented to the American championships after 8 months of pregnancy. At the time already, its history had made much talk (see below).


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