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Meet Ali Hassan Mwinyi, The Only Former African President Who Still Takes The Public Bus!!

Ali Hassan Mwinyi served as Tanzania’s second President of the United Republic of Tanzania from 1985 – 1995.

Ali Hassan Mwinyi was born on May 8, 1925 in Kivure, Pwani Region, Tanzania. The 91-year old past president was spotted in a public bus with regular people. The unusual act has been found worthy of mention.

With the least government appointment, most Africans feel threatened. So, they begin to make plans for bodyguards. As they make their entrance to any occasion, the convoy cum entourage makes their presence loud enough.

Here we have an African who is indeed a model to learn from. The down to earth personality has absolutely nothing to fear. Thus he has no bodyguards. Ali Hassan Mwinyi has no problems boarding a public bus.

Granted that many African leaders have reasons to worry about their safety. But on a large scale, it could be attributed to guilt or fear for failing the people.

There was once a case of Nigerian youths who took laws into their hands and burnt the properties of a lawmaker. They accused him of not keeping to his campaign promises. Many officials clad themselves with bodyguards for reasons like this.



However, while the younger generation grow with the fear of the unknown, this gracefully aging Tanzanian ex-president has no such fears. Just maybe if all African leaders past and present have clean slates, they will have the privilege to enjoy the freedom from fear.

Ali Hassan Mwinyi previously served as Tanzania’s Interior Minister and Vice President. He was the chairman of the ruling party, the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) from 1990 to 1996.

From 30 January 1984 – 24 October 1985, he was the 3rd president of Zanzibar, Tanzania’s revolutionary government. He is the father of Hussein Ali Mwinyi, the CCM politician, lawmaker and the current Minister of Defence and National Service in Tanzania.


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