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Meet Alfred Ngallé; The First Blind Lawyer of Cameroon

Alfred Ngallé is blind but that did not stop him from realizing his dream. Since the age of 3, he is blind. Today, at 37, he graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Douala. The first blind lawyer of Cameroon.

 “I studied law, I wanted to become a lawyer, so that was my passion until today. And I was blind since the age of 3 but my disability was not for me a fatality, “says the young lawyer.

His mission, he says, is to uphold the rights of people with disabilities. With his cane, he goes to his office every day at the Douala palace.

 ” The rights of persons with disabilities in Cameroon, it is a problem that must find solutions. I believe that by becoming a lawyer, I could be at the forefront of advocating for the rights of vulnerable people, specifically people with disabilities . “

As far as the pleadings are concerned, Janvier does not manage to quickly study cases like other lawyers because of his disability. So, with his tutor, he decided to learn the law by heart.

Joseph Claude Billigha, his tutor ” he is very useful for our cabinet because this way of being able to control the texts is very important, Even at the penal level when you speak of a text on adultery, the excessive demand of the dowry … He will explain you in a clear and precise way  “.

The goal of this young lawyer is to make people with disabilities understand that nothing can stop them from realizing their dream. He will open his own cabinet when he is sworn in.


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