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Meet Alek Wek, South Sudanese- British Cat Walk Icon, Shares How She Waded Through In 30 Years

The 40-year-old model – who set out on a vocation in the business at 18 years of age – has conceded she is “continually finding” new things about herself, and she has uncovered  she has an indistinguishable pizzazz for her activity from the way she did more than 20 years ago.


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Speaking to Elle magazine, the catwalk icon said: “I get to learn every time I do a story; I’m always discovering what works and that keeps me active.

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“There’s a feeling you have when you’re young and you can’t wait to grow up; I’ve still got that feeling. I’ve matured a bit, but I still have that joy of youth.”

Alek has credited social media for propelling the fashion industry further and helping the industry to “move fast”.

The South Sudanese-British star explained: “Today, it’s all about ‘new faces’. You guys have to work so damn hard. Before, we looked forward to seeing the same people. We grew up together. Now, with social media, things move fast. But the industry is also coming back to those authentic values; people want photography shoots with substance, and social media also gives you a platform to hold designers if they’re not representing a diverse group of people.

“To me beauty is universal. It doesn’t matter what colour someone is, because we all cry the same, we all bleed the same, we celebrate family and friendships in the same way.”


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