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Meet Aïssatou Sabaly, the Senegalese Lady With An Incredible Hazel Eyes

Aissatou Sabaly is a young Senegalese not quite ordinary. What makes her special are her eyes. This journalist by profession, has hazel eyes, so that it attracts the eyes of each other. “Sometimes I wear dark glasses smoked to prevent people from calling me.”
Because of her withering eyes, some people ask her if she wears lenses. To those curious, she replies that “it’s natural”.


In his family, Aissatou is not the only one to have eyes that are the subject of questioning. She inherited them from her mother, who also keeps them from her mother. Very often, Aïssatou responds to those who question him about the origin of his clear eyes.

As if they were not at the end of their surprise, she assures them that she has no European parent. Indeed, the native of Mbour, a few kilometers from the capital, has only Senegalese in her family. “Some do not believe me. They go so far as to ask my father if my mother is not European. ”


Sometimes her friends tease her and tell her that she has cat eyes, but the Fulani woman takes this as a compliment.

Aissatou is aware that her eyes are an asset to her. She would like to take the opportunity to do photo shoots for companies that market lenses. On the other hand, she asks women not to overuse these products, because for her, the eyes are the most sensitive part of the body.

“The woman must be charming. Without the eyes, she can not pretend to that, “she says. For her, there is nothing better than being natural, because she believes that one should not try to look like someone else.

“I have clear eyes so I do not need lenses, I have a clear skin so I will not use depigmentation and I have long hair so I do well grafting.” On each one, God has done something special, she justifies herself.


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