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Meet Aina Gamzatova, The Muslim Candidate Who Dares To Challenge Vladimir Putin


Aina Gamzatova has officially applied for the Russian presidential election to be held next March. At 46, this journalist from Dagestan will go into history books by becoming the first Muslim woman to embark on the Kremlin race.

Since the ousting of Alexei Navalny, the main opponent of the ruling power, the outcome of the Russian presidential election is no longer in doubt. Vladimir Putin will be re-elected for another six years at the head of the Kremlin.

Candidate candidates
Among the candidates who will challenge Putin on March 18 on the occasion of the first (and probably unique) round of the presidential election, include Ksenia Sobchak, the liberal candidate considered the “Paris Hilton Russian”, Pavel Grudinin of the Communist Party, the nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsk or … porn actress Elena Berkova. All these more or less credible candidates have no chance of worrying the outgoing president.

Aina Gamzatova also entered the race last week and her candidacy was confirmed by the Russian electoral commission. If her chances of winning are also nil, Aina Gamzatova’s main ambition is to improve the visibility of her native Daghestan and her Muslim community, which is the majority,  reports  Al Jazeera.


Muslim Aina Gamzatova is also the first woman of this confession to stand in the Russian presidential election, for the greatest pride of his supporters who met en masse Saturday in Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan, one of the republics of Russia.

“A woman in a hijab is not only a submissive mother or a woman”
Rather unknown in Moscow, Aina Gamzatova is not anyone in Dagestan. She is the wife of the Mufti of Daghestan, Akhmad Abdulaev, and runs the largest Muslim media holding in the country, While some say she should not have “stepped out of her husband’s shadow,” others are excited about her candidacy, including former Olympic boxing champion and deputy sports minister Dagestan Gaidarbek Gaidarbekov.

“Even if she loses, people will realize, thanks to her, that a woman wearing a hijab is not only a submissive mother or a woman, but that she is also an educated, competent, wise and very respected, “wrote the former boxer on Instagram.

“Putin will not have its traditional 146% in this republic”
Conscious that it will not compete with the indestructible Vladimir Putin, Aina Gamzatova nevertheless hopes to achieve a solid card within the Muslim community present in Russia and especially in his stronghold of Dagestan. And why not weaken the position of the president in the North Caucasus. “Putin will not have its traditional 146% in this republic,” joked Zakir Magomedov, a famous local blogger, quoted by Al Jazeera.


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