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Meet Africa’s Top 5 Female Scientists Dismantling Gender Stereotypes

We are all aware of the fact that women who are given the tools they need to learn always tend to thrive and excel. These black female scientists are no exception!!!

Couple of weeks ago, the African Union published Africa’s top 5 female scientists for the year 2016. These intelligent and successful women were awarded $20,000 each for their valuable contributions in their respective fields.

Professor Jane Catherine Ngila, Kenya

Professor Jane Catherine Ngila. Photo Source:

Ngila said, “I had liked doing Maths from Primary School where there was also a tendency to think that ‘girls can’t do Science’, so I did!”. Now, she’s an expert on water pollution and is working on discovering how we can remove pollutants from contaminated drinking and wastewater!

Dr. Lamia Chaari Fourati, Tunisia


Dr. Lamia Chaari Fourati. Photo source: Youtube

Dr. Fourati is a tech genius! Her work is focused on delivering improved and optimised customer service experiences across varying technological networks.

Associate Professor Celia Abolnik, South Africa

Associate Professor Celia Abolnik. Photo source:

Her expertise? The avian flu. Outbreaks of avian influenza can have devastating impacts on resource-poor communities as the disease is both easily spread and highly lethal to poultry and humans. Her knowledge helps minimise outbreaks and keeps populations healthy.

Professor Roka Sanogo, Mali

Professor Roka Sanogo. Photo source:

Sanogo was the first professor to teach about pharmacology in Mali! She is an expert in traditional African medicines and has contributed to over sixty different publications on native Mali plants.

Professor Olu-Owolabi Bamidele, Nigeria

Professor Olu-Owolabi Bamidele. Photo source:

Bamidele is also leading on essential work: researching sustainable alternative materials to treat water.


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